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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Question: What are the different kinds of ranches?

Working Dude RanchThese are working cattle ranches. Most of these ranches were cattle ranches before they became dude ranches. Historically ranchers who needed to make more money started accepting boarders to help pay for their ranch operations. Guests get to participate in the work related to the horses and cattle. If you are looking to really experience what cowboy life is then this the kind of ranch for you.
Dude or Guest RanchMany dude ranches started as working ranches but moved their business to taking guests which became their main focus. Some still have cattle and guest are encouraged to help work them. Horseback riding is their main focus but most offer a variety of other activities including, kids programs, fishing, skeet shooting, evening activities and pack trips. In my career I have heard countless guests at the end of their stay say that this was the best vacation they had ever been on.
Resort Dude RanchThese ranches are more luxurious and offer fancier accommodations, dining, and amenities. Tennis, golf, fine wines, spa and shopping are typical. They of course still have great horse backriding. Resort ranches tend to have larger guest capacity and can handle large groups, weddings and corporate events.

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